When to take this consultation?

If you want to know that when will your marriage happen, how will be your marital life, whether you will have a sustained relationship, if you face problems in your relationships or marital life, facing legal problems related to marriage. Then you may order this consultation.

      NOTE-I don’t do matchmaking.

What you will get in this consultation?

You will get following things:-

  1. A detailed PDF report (i.e. your complete Kundali/horoscope) containing all your charts, dashas and other basic details.
  2. A detailed analysis done by me of your horoscope oriented towards your marriage/relationship prospects, showing your relevant charts & also explaining various things like auspicious time periods (dashas).
  3. All the remedies, if any, will be included as well.

How the consultation is served?

Consultation is served through 2 modes, listed as follows:-

  1. Video/Audio call through Google Meet. Recording of the session is sent online, right after it ends.
  2. In the form of a Recorded VIDEO of approximately 15-20 minutes recorded by me.

You can select the desired mode as per your convenience.

How much time is required?

  • Through mode 1 i.e. through Video/Phone call it takes around 18-24 days from the date of receiving the horoscope details.
  • Through mode 2 i.e. in Recorded Video format it takes around 24-30 days from the date of receiving the horoscope details.
Disclaimer:- Due to large number of consultations, an extra time period of 2-5 days may be needed sometimes. So please be patient as I don’t do them in hurry & comment only after doing proper study of horoscope. I promise “no compromise” in quality of service. 🙂

How analysis will be done?

It will include detailed analysis of your birth chart, relevant divisional charts and dashas in a collective manner. I follow comprehensive approach utilizing all relevant tools of Vedic Astrology.

Procedure for consultation:-

    1. Fill out the form given at the bottom of the page.
    2. Make payment with PayPal.
    3. I will contact you through the email-id (You mentioned in the form) within 24hrs. of placing the order, asking for the BIRTH DETAILS, i.e. Your DATE, TIME, PLACE & COUNTRY of Birth, and brief description of your query.
    4. Check your email regularly in the meantime as I might ask you certain other details related to your query, if required.

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